Brand awareness


Greater visibility of a brand, highlighting the position of a product on the market, achieving a greater recognition of a product and the brand by being awarded by professional experts of IWP

The possibility to use the
Good Design trademark


the right to use Good Design trademarks: winners use the Good Design emblem, finalists use the emblem: “finalist of the Good Design Competition”, participants of the Competition – “product recommended for the Good Design Competition” Products or services marked with quality mark are increasingly recognised by consumers and they simply sell better.

Certificate and statuette


winners receive a Good Design certificate and a statuette

Participation in the post-competition exhibition


Final products and services are presented at the post-competition exhibition, they may be displayed among the best products and services available for a Polish consumer

Inclusion of a company in the The Good Design Exhibition Catalogue


final products and services are included in the catalogue of the Good Design exhibition (photograph, description of a product, summarised design appraisal)

The Good Design Exhibition Catalogue


a company is provided with the Good Design Exhibition Catalogue

Promotion in the media


product/service is promoted in the patron media of the competition Promotion by IWP product/service is promoted by IWP in promotional activities and PR, including website and on the Facebook profile dedicated to the competition

Increase in product value


an increase in product value from the perspective of consumers, an increase in the company prestige and the recognisability of a brand, and, most of all, an increase in sale of a product/service

Professional assessment


products are subject to a professional assessment – not only the appearance of a product matters, but also its functionality, ergonomics, value for money, meeting market needs, the strength of reaching the target group, etc.