What is
Good Design?

The Good Design is the oldest and most reliable Polish design competition. It is a 25-year tradition and reliability. There are no sponsors behind the Good Design, the competition pays its way. Products and services included in the Competition are identifies by researchers and experts from Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego (Institute of Industrial Design, IWP) based on a continuous market monitoring. The competition is, at the same time, Poland’s only independent design audit: selection of products is carried out based on the knowledge of experts and researchers from IWP, their knowledge of design, market, and trends.

Steps of the Competition

1.Market monitoring – IWP researchers find on the Polish market the best designed products and services
2.Submitting products and services for the competition
3.Assessment of the products and services by a Committee of Experts – selection of finalists
4.Competition finals, post-competition exhibition, and selection of winners by the Competition Jury

The competition aims at finding and promoting the best designed products and services on the Polish market. It serves as support for the developing entrepreneurship which uses design as a tool for building a competitive advantage.

The competition was created in 1993 as a reaction of the Institute of Industrial Design to the flooding of the Polish market with goods from behind the newly opened borders. It was to be a way to select and reward ambitious goods of new Polish producers, distinguish them from foreign and PRL tandem.

Participation in the competition brings a lot of benefits for the participants, e.g. highlighting the position of a product on the market, achieving a greater recognisability of a product and the brand by being awarded by professional experts of IWP


Do you want to take part in the Good Design Competition?